On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 6:35 PM, Greg Von Kuster <g...@bx.psu.edu> wrote:
>> Woosh - that largely went over my head. It sounds rather complicated.
>> Did I get the gist right:
>> To paraphrase, if I declare a dependency on revision X, then what will
>> be installed could be X or an EARLIER revision - stepping back until
>> an installable revision is found.
> No, nothing EARLIER is installed, only revisions that came
> LATER (than the declared dependency revision) up to, but
> not including the next revision in the change log (AFTER the
> declared dependency revision) that has metadata associated
> with it.  If you look at the change log page for a repository in
> the tool shed, you'll see all of the revisions that have metadata
> associated with them.

Oh. OK, so you'd get revision X or anything later with the same
metadata (but not any more recent changes where the tool
metadata was altered).

> This is actually the case, so I'm not sure what I stated in the
> example above that caused the confusion.

Well one thing which threw me was this table:

>>> For example, assume a change log like this:
>>> changset revision       Installable revision
>>> 0: sjekvub                      yes
>>> 1: jjtofvp
>>> 2: htocegy
>>> 3: jswofpt                      yes
>>> 4: jaqvkrc
>>> In the above example, sjekvub  is considered the "minimum
>>> revision for revs 0, 1, 2, and jswofpt  is considered the
>>> minimum revision for revs 3, 4.

Assuming I followed correctly in your example revisions
0,1 and 2 all had the same metadata (Tool A, version 1)
while later revisions 3 and 4 represented a jump (they
have Tool A, version 2).

Of these sets, only revision 0 and 3 are marked as
installable - which I took to mean you only install the
minimum revision (oldest revision) in each batch of
revisions with the same metadata.

This was contracted however by the next bit - saying
if I asked for 0:sjekvub then I'd get 2:htocegy (which is
the maximum revision for the set 0, 1, 2).

Perhaps this is clearer?:

changset revision       Installable revision
0: sjekvub        not any more, superseded by r1
1: jjtofvp           not any more, superseded by r2
2: htocegy        yes, final revision with this metadata
3: jswofpt          not any more, superseded by r4
4: jaqvkrc          yes, final revision with this metadata


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