I am trying to use the API to upload a file and since the upload can take a long time (see my previous post) I need to check if the upload has completed so I know I can start a workflow (or can I start a workflow even when the file is still in the "queued" state?)...

I have successfully used the examples from this page:


and can easily upload a file, but I cannot seem to learn the state of the file...
The upload process I used, returned a bunch of attributes, such as:

{'ldda_id': '049d723a33542847', 'misc_blurb': None, 'name': '7_101_1_ACTTGA_R1.fastq', 'data_type': 'fastq', 'file_name': '/mnt/ngs/analysis/tdeboer/PROJECTS/STAGING/SEQUENCER07/130207_SN7001380_0101_AD1H7GACXX/fastq/7_101_1_ACTTGA_R1.fastq', 'uploaded_by': 'tdeb...@genomichealth.com', 'metadata_sequences': None, 'template_data': {}, 'genome_build': 'hg19', 'model_class': 'LibraryDataset', 'misc_info': None, 'file_size': 6410080411, 'metadata_data_lines': None, 'message': '', 'id': '049d723a33542847', 'date_uploaded': '2013-05-22T00:50:50.474318', 'metadata_dbkey': 'hg19'}

But none of those tell me if the upload has succeeded or not...

Is there a way to retrieve the state of an uploaded file once I have uploaded a file through the API?


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