I would like to inquire whether anyone has attempted to implement the idxstats tool from samtools into Galaxy? The xml-file for idxstats is not present in the Galaxy source code, which led me to try and implement it myself. However, the main problem I face is that the idxstats tool silently relies on having an index file available (within the same directory) for the bam file you which to print the stats for. E.g. samtools idxstats PATH/test.bam searches for PATH/test.bam.bai and gives an error when this file is not present. And somehow I cannot model this behavior in Galaxy.

A different solution would of course be to ask the author(s) of samtools to have an option available where the user can directly indicate the path to the index file.


PS: I've searched the mailing list archives for this problem but did not find any matches. Apologies if I somehow missed the answer.

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