I have implemented a system that will explicitly exclude a defined list of repositories from the testing framework, so your repositories' tests should now be running.

   --Dave B.

On 5/21/13 06:26:56.000, Peter Cock wrote:
On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:09 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:

I remain puzzled why I am seeing seemingly stochastic missing test

Hi Dave,

This continues - although I have been making progress with the
tests for some of my tools. Currently there are a number of
repositories reported as failing but I can't see the error (and so
can't do much about fixing it): 
When previously visible this was due to a test framework
limitation testing with composite output files:

Given I suspect a cache issue hiding the test failures, it might
help if rather than the current text like "Time tested: ~ 8 hours ago"
this could also state the date and time of the test (in UTC/GMT to
avoid locale confusion).




Other repositories failing with a clear error message:        
Missing dependencies, should have been skipped, see   
Limitation of test framework, Trello issue open for this,       
Limitation of test framework, issue raised,
Missing an R/Bioconductor dependency, best practise for handling
this has yet to be agreed.

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