It seems that there are not a lot of people using/know about the API since
all my questions about the API here go unanswered, but I am happy to report
that I don't actually need to know if the upload has finished, since it
seems you can start a workflow with a dataset that is still being
uploaded.You can't do this in the UI but it seems you CAN do it through the
API, so that is a relief..


Now if only the API allowed us to pass parameters to a workflow in the same
way we can do this in the API, I am set and I can use Galaxy as a workflow
engine through the API..






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Subject: [galaxy-dev] Is there a way through the API to know when a file has
completed the upload process?




I am trying to use the API to upload a file and since the upload can take a
long time (see my previous post) I need to check if the upload has completed
so I know I can start a workflow (or can I start a workflow even when the
file is still in the "queued" state?)...


I have successfully used the examples from this page:


and can easily upload a file, but I cannot seem to learn the state of the

The upload process I used, returned a bunch of attributes, such as:


{'ldda_id': '049d723a33542847', 'misc_blurb': None, 'name':
'7_101_1_ACTTGA_R1.fastq', 'data_type': 'fastq', 'file_name':
1_AD1H7GACXX/fastq/7_101_1_ACTTGA_R1.fastq', 'uploaded_by':
'', 'metadata_sequences': None, 'template_data':
{}, 'genome_build': 'hg19', 'model_class': 'LibraryDataset', 'misc_info':
None, 'file_size': 6410080411, 'metadata_data_lines': None, 'message': '',
'id': '049d723a33542847', 'date_uploaded': '2013-05-22T00:50:50.474318',
'metadata_dbkey': 'hg19'}


But none of those tell me if the upload has succeeded or not...


Is there a way to retrieve the state of an uploaded file once I have
uploaded a file through the API?




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