I want to select a date from a calender in my tool, but I think that it's not 
possible in the xml. I was looking for some examples with xml, javascript and 
jquery but I could not do what I wanted. My code is:

<tool id="idPlot" name="Plot">
<command interpreter="bash">r_wrapper.sh $script_file</command>
<param name="arg1" type="text" value="" label="Data 1"/>
<param name="arg2" type="text" value="" label="Data 2"/>

<configfile name="script_file">
pv1 = "$arg1"
pv2 = "$arg2"

<data format="pdf" name="out_file1"/>

I want that when I click in the input area the tool, it shows a calender to me 
select the date.

Is this possible? With javascript? Or what?

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