Thank you Jeremy.
The new wiki page looks great!


From:   Jeremy Goecks <>
To:     Linda Cham/Poughkeepsie/IBM@IBMUS
Cc:     <>
Date:   06/11/2013 12:56 PM
Subject:        Re: [galaxy-dev] Trackster set display mode - Output looks all
            the same

Hi Linda,

      1- Should the "Set display mode" give out different output?

Not yet.

VCF visualization is new to Galaxy, and mode switching isn't implemented
yet. (It will be implemented in the next release.) What you're seeing is
the display of individual variants; of course, trying to view so many
variants leads to the mismash that you noted.

If you zoom in sufficiently, you should see variants without trouble. See
the attached screenshot for example.

      2- What might be the issue if all I see are the same output or maybe
      the output displayed is totally incorrect?  Might there be some
      trackster setup that I might be missing for it to draw incorrectly?

Everything looks OK so far. FYI, I've created a new page that lists the
steps for setting up visualization for a Galaxy instance and updated wiki
links/text to point to this page:


<<inline: graycol.gif>>

<<inline: 1C299461.gif>>

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