> My use case involves working with a lot of histories, and I need to
> jump back and forth between them fairly frequently. However, it's a
> bit inconvenient to have to click on the "Options" button on the
> rightmost pane, "Saved Histories" in the drop-down menu, and select my
> history on the main pane. An easier way to switch between histories
> that were recently used could definitely benefit me, and perhaps other
> people too.
> I propose an easily accessible list with links to the 5 most recently
> visited histories.

This seems useful if implemented well. I envision a drop-down below the 'saved 
histories' menu item that appears on extended hover and provides links to 
recent histories. To implement I suggest:

(a) create a SQLAlchemy query of user's histories sorted by last update time 
with limit N (e.g., 5)

(b) provide this list to the index.mako template in the root.py/index method

(c) refresh the middle frame using handle_refresh_frames() code in message.mako

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