Hi all,

   I am trying to format the input to a java tool that I am writing. I want
to display different options to choose from based on the user input. I am
not sure how to do that.

For example,  based on the input file, I want to display the chromosome
options to choose from. How do I do this?

<param name="input_bam_file" type="data" format="BAM" label="Input BAM
file" help="Choose an input BAM file"/>

<param name="chromosome_options" type="select" label="Choose the
         <option value="1">  chr1  </option>
         <option value="2">  chr2  </option>

I am not sure how to call a program that will generate the second input
based on the first one and then wait for the user to choose the rest of the
input and then run another program.

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