> Hi, I would like to remove the "multiplexed" menu from the nglims sample
> information form.  How would I do that?  In our lab, we don't want
> submitters making their own libraries since they might accidentally use the
> same barcodes or somehow mess up others' libraries.  We want to remove that
> option altogether.

Good idea. I added a flag to the nglims.yaml file so you can specify
whether barcode multiplexing is available or not:


setting `available: false` will turn off the option for the user to
select and add this.

If you update from the latest in bitbucket it will have this change. I
also synchronized with the most recent galaxy-dist, so an update will
pull in those changes as well.

> Actually along the same lines, we would like to remove all "services
> needed" check boxes too and simply have all of the data entry on one page.

Moving to a single page entry would be a big change from the current
wizard approach. You can control what services are available by default
using the `default` flag in the nglims.yaml:


Currently sequencing is the only one selected by default but you can add
others if they're commonly used to make the submission process easier
for users.

Hope this helps,
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