Sorry for being really verbose on this list recently, but we are making a
huge push for Galaxy right now.  Hopefully you all aren't annoyed by me

One thing we want to do after a MiSeq run is to run all assemblies and then
report certain statistics such as N50.  These metrics would then be
reported in an exportable spreadsheet for our molecular biologists.  I have
the scripts ready to calculate these metrics.  My questions here are:

1) Is there any kind of existing functionality that is close to what I
2) If not,
  2a) Is there a way to trigger some scripts for assembly and metrics (and
maybe more) once a MiSeq dumps all the data into Galaxy?
  2b) Is there a certain convention on interaction with the database?  And
documentation on that?
  2c) Is there an existing convention on reading the Galaxy database, so
that I can produce the spreadsheet?  Documentation?
  2d) Our lab would call this functionality Rover, since it will roam
Galaxy looking for and retrieving data (not really a question, but I
thought they came up with a good name!)

Lee Katz, Ph.D.
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