On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Tim-Christoph Roloff
<tim.rol...@fmi.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a tool that allows to filter on a selected set of contrasts.
> The contrast names are read from the second column of a history item. In
> order to allow selection of individual filters for each contrast, I am using
> the <repeat> tag. Now I would like to make sure that the user selects each
> contrast at max one time. Can I use the <filter ...> to remove the contrasts
> that have already been chosen from the selection? Or is there a more elegant
> way?
> <repeat name="contrasts" title="Contrast" min="1" max="3">
>   <param name="contrast" type="select" label="Contrast to filter on"
> multiple="false">
>     <options from_dataset="edgercont">
>       <column name="name" index="1"/>
>       <column name="value" index="1"/>
>     </options>
>   </param>
>   <param name="lfc" type="float" label="Linear fold-change" value="2.0" />
>   <param name="pval" type="float" label="p-value cutoff" value="0.001" />
> </repeat>
> Thanks for your help in advance
> Tim

Would a multi-select column picker work instead? Note that would
not give you any control of the order of the selected rows.

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