Hello everyone,

I had been using an old galaxy build, downloaded in 2010, on my local
server and now I am updating it to latest build. I had made some changes as
per our need. Along with the output file I have added a piece of code which
was making us able to download the stderr file as well in case. I had made
those changes inside the display function
of lib/galaxy/webapps/galaxy/controllers/dataset.py file. But galaxy have
gone through significant changes. Now the display function
of lib/galaxy/webapps/galaxy/controllers/dataset.py calls display_data

def display(self, trans, dataset_id=None, preview=False, filename=None,
to_ext=None, chunk=None, **kwd):
return data.datatype.display_data(trans, data, preview, filename, to_ext,
chunk, **kwd)

display_data function is present in lib/galaxy/datatypes/data.py as well as
in lib/galaxy/datatypes/tabular.py
The code which I had changed in previous galaxy is present in ..../data.py
but the display function is calling the display_data function of
.../tabular.py always. How will I make it able to call display_data
function of ..../data.py

Please tell me the solution of the above problem or is there any better way
to download some more file like stdout, stderr apart from the regular
output file. Any help would be really appreciated.

P.S. I am creating stderr and stdout file inside database/user_directory

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