Deal all,

We have a tool with the following parameters declarations:

<param type="data" format="tabular, csv" name="input" required="True"
label="Please select the file to read"
 help = "
 This tools only supports comma separated (.csv, .txt) and tab separated
(.tab, .txt) text files.
 If you can't see your file in the selection box make sure that you have
uploaded it using the correct file format.
 Alternatively, you can convert almost any character separated text file in
to tab separated using the 'Convert
 delimiters to TAB' tool (under 'Text Manipulation')"/>
<param name="idcol" label="Column containing a unique ID for each compound"
type="data_column" data_ref="input" accept_default="true"
help = "Your file must contain at least one column with a unique ID for
each compound."/>
<param name="columnList" label="Columns containing property values"
type="data_column" data_ref="input" accept_default="true" multiple="true"
display="checkboxes" force_select = "false"
help = "Your file can contain columns that describe more that one
properties. Select all the columns you want to read here."/>
<param name="outcol" label="Column containing an outcome value"
type="data_column" data_ref="input" accept_default="true"
help = "If your file contains a column that describe the outcome of an
experiment you should select it here. Currently only one outcome per file
is supported."/>

As you can see in the highlighted lines, we have a parameter that is of
type data_column and has data_ref the input dataset, also allows multiple
The purpose is to have a multiple selection of columns from the input file.

But in the interface we see a '?' as first column and then the columns of
the input file.
If we remove the multiple select its ok.

Does data_ref works along side multiple selection?



Christos Kannas
Ph.D Student

e-Health Laboratory <>

Mob: (+357) 99530608
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