Hi all, 

We have a Galaxy instance that we are regularly keeping up to date following 
the Galaxy main, so we have the current version (fd4113962c32 commit). 

For us, since a few updates (unfortunately, I don't know when it started), the 
"exit_code" tag is not working anymore. I made the simplest tool to confirm : 

<tool id="tool_to_come" name="tool_to_come"> 
<command interpreter="bash"> 
test.sh $input $output 
<param name="input" type="text" value="7" label="Param" /> 
<data name="output" format="fasta" label="Output" /> 
<exit_code range="12" level="fatal" description="Grave probleme !" /> 
**Tool documentation** 

set -e 

if [ "$1" -ne 10 ]; then 
exit 12 
echo "Yeah !" > $2 

Anyway, it still doesn't work as it used to... 
Am I the only one to have the problem ? Can you help me ? 

Mathieu (Rennes - France) 
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