Hey guys,   

I don't know if there will be much interest in this, but in the course of 
revising code that my predecessors wrote, I discovered that they were hand 
crafting tool XML configuration files. Since we all know that makes reading and 
writing such files hard, I started work on creating a Java model for the tool 
config XML using JAXB. In short, I can create and populate some Java objects 
and then marshal them directly to XML, knowing that they'll be in the correct 
format. Also, it makes reading/unmarshalling tool config files easy as well. If 
there's any interest in this, I can probably separate out the model code into a 
separate project.

At the moment, it's a subset of the tool config XML model that I need for my 
Web service tools, but I could foresee completing it in hopes of it being more 
useful to others. Imagine: define your tool using Java and have it print out 
the pretty XML!

Also, there should be an XSD for the tool config files. I can generate one once 
my Java model is complete, but it's kind of important. In the wiki, it says 
something to the effect that all is needed is valid XML… That's not entirely 
correct. It should valid XML that conforms to an XML schema definition (now I'm 
ranting :P). If one already exists, then all the better!

Anyway, let me know if there's any interest.  

Michael E. Cotterell

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, University of Georgia
Instructor of Record, Graduate RA & TA, University of Georgia
Faculty Liaison, CS Graduate Student Association, University of Georgia
mepcotter...@gmail.com (mailto:mepcotter...@gmail.com)
mepc...@uga.edu (mailto:mepc...@uga.edu)
m...@cs.uga.edu (mailto:m...@cs.uga.edu)

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