HI all,

I just had a query about some 'missing' functionality in one of my
tools, which is handled by a parameter which doesn't get shown
on the preview shown in the Tool Shed - perhaps because it is
inside a conditional?

<conditional name="output_choice_cond">
<param name="output_choice" type="select" label="Output positive
matches, negative matches, or both?">
<option value="both">Both positive matches (ID on list) and negative
matches (ID not on list), as two files</option>
<option value="pos">Just positive matches (ID on list), as a single
<option value="neg">Just negative matches (ID not on list), as a
single file</option>
<!-- Seems need these dummy entries here, compare this to
indels/indel_sam2interval.xml -->
<when value="both" />
<when value="pos" />
<when value="neg" />

Ideally the ToolShed preview would show the dropdown combo
box allowing you to pick both files, positive only, or negative only:

Is this a known limitation? Is there a Trello card I should follow?


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