Dear all,


     I have managed to use something like


    <data format="fasta" name="output" label="#echo os.path.splitext (str

  </outputs> to display the wanted label for the dataset in the history.

However when I applied the same code to other tool wrappers, some weird
things happened: the wrapper can still be loaded in the web page, but when I
click the execute button to submit the job, nothing happened except the web
browser giving the status "wait for localhost".

      I cannot think of any reason for that. The main difference I can think
of between the successful wrapper and the failed ones is that in the failed
ones I have to do some file manipulations as galaxy always stores its
dataset with the file suffix .dat which is not acceptable in the tool, e.g.
proteowizard. I have to rename it with the correct suffix and move the final
result to the output file.


     Additional related questions:

1.       How to display the selected value of a conditional element in the
label? $conditional.value?

2.       How to display different strings according to the conditional
selection? Similar to command element to use #if #elsif #end if?

3.       When using        <data name="output" format="csv">
<change_format>       <when input="type" value="html" format="html"/>
</change_format> </data>,  could I use label attribute in the data and when


      Look forward to your kind answers. Many thanks in advance.


Best regards!


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