Hi all,

I'm having a problem with bullet point lists in my README.rst
file not rendering nicely on the (main and Test) Tool Shed.

This example of mine shows the bullet points fine on
GitHub's rendering (two bullet lists examples):

However, on the Tool Shed the bullet points are missing:

Here is the relevant reStructuredText documentation:

As per the documentation, I have a blank line before and
after the bullets, and I am using one other three valid
bullet characters ("*", rather than "-" or "+"), e.g.

* 89 RXLRs using Whisson et al. (2007)
* 124 RXLRs using Win et al. (2007)
* 162 RXLRs using Bhattacharjee et al. (2006)

In fact, looking at the HTML source on the Tool Shed it
has correctly rendered as an unordered list:

<ul class="simple">
<li>89 RXLRs using Whisson et al. (2007)</li>
<li>124 RXLRs using Win et al. (2007)</li>
<li>162 RXLRs using Bhattacharjee et al. (2006)</li>

Is there a bug in the default Tool Shed CSS which is
hiding the bullet points?


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