I'm working on a project to integrate a Galaxy instance with a remote software execution service. The service maintains a catalogue of applications, storage and execution hosts, files (input and output) and jobs (submitted, executing, finished, etc) all manageable through REST endpoints. For the integration, I'd like apps, datasets and jobs in the service to be available through Galaxy.

RIght now, I'm querying the service to retrieve the catalogue of apps available to a user and, after some conversion, inserting them into the Galaxy toolbox. For these apps, jobs are submitted via the REST API and executed on the execution host registered in the service. I'm currently polling a status endpoint in the service to keep Galaxy updated with the job's status.

I'd like the I/O to be seamless for the users, so that datasets generated from "native" Galaxy tools/jobs can be used as inputs for service apps and vice versa. Similarly, I would like to take advantage of Galaxy's data viewer for datasets generated by remote jobs. Since the service can handle files published to URLs, I was looking into that approach. It looks like Galaxy has some support for this -- perhaps using redirect params? Is that right, and if so, is there documentation on what is currently supported in Galaxy? Does this seem like the best approach?

Among other wish list items, it would be nice if the toolbox (or at least the catalogue of apps in the service) could be refreshed real-time. Right now they are only being added at server start up.

Quite generally, I would welcome any comments or suggestions on the overall integration approach as I am fairly new to Galaxy.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Stubbs
Research Engineering Scientist Associate
Texas Advanced Computing Center
University of Texas, Austin

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