OK, I've solved it.  The issue with display_as location remains and I still 
have to put the Allow from directives in the / location but I have been able to 
get UCSC working again and I'm completely to blame so maybe I should keep quiet 
but no, in the spirit of sharing one's idiocy here it is folks.

I was looking at user account admin a few weeks back and noticed some old users 
before I switched to the AD authentication so I thought it would be a good idea 
to clean them out.  Turns out there is an account called remote_display_server 
which I had deleted and that was the key because removing that triggered the 
user_disabled message that UCSC was seeing (duh!) so re-enabling that fixed the 
issue (double duh!)

I will now sit in the corner with a dunce cap on for the rest of the day.....


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