Does Galaxy provide a post-login hook that could be used to trigger an
operating system level action upon successful login ?

Here is the scenario and use-case where that would come in handy:
* Local instance of Galaxy (Nov 2012 release) on a Linux server with a
PostgreSQL DB
* Upload via FTP feature is enabled
* Users are authenticated via LDAP and nginx
* Users should be able to securely upload files (to their sub-directory
within the configured FTP upload directory)

The current method being employed to fulfill this use-case is through a
modification to Š/galaxy-dist/lib/galaxy/web/framework/__init__.py file
that calls a a shell script which creates an OS-level user and associated
FTP upload directory.  Files are uploaded by users via sFTP (SSHD
configured to restrict Galaxy users to a chroot'ed directory).

Options considered:
* Shell/Python script that periodically queries the "galaxy_user" table
and creates an OS-level user and FTP upload directory (not yet tried;
introduces delay between user creation and FTP capability unless frequency
of polling is high)
* ProFTPD with sFTP and LDAP modules (increased administrative overhead
compared to using built-in SSHD; wasn't able to get auto directory
creation to work due to TBD cause)
* PostgreSQL listen-notify to call a sFTP user creation script when an
insert occurs in the "galaxy_user" table (not yet tried)

Thank you.

Senior Systems Administrator
Iowa Institute for Human Genetics
ITS Research Services, The University of Iowa

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