I'm interested in developing a tool that would allow easy interaction
with the Galaxy API. I started coding and this[1] is what I have so


This is a pure "release early, release often" kind of project. In the
current state many of the project's goals are missing and current
implementation might significantly change. You can however already do
something like this:

$ galaxy-api-tools import --link --file-type fasta --library "API
Imports" --folder R_TEST --description "R_TEST with description."
--workflow 2491ee81eec9beee --extension .qual:qual454 --label
QUAL:.qual --label FASTA:.fna /local/data/R_TEST/1.fna

This will import(only '--link' not copy, copy is the default) these
two 454 fasta files with the matching quality files into data library
"API Imports" and folder "R_TEST"(it will create both if they don't
exists), it will them run a workflow where there are two inputs
labeled as FASTA and QUAL assigning the correct file to each, the
results will be available in a newly created history.

I shamelessly copied/adapted code from '$GALAXY_SOURCE/scripts/api'.
I'm releasing this code under BSD-Clause-2 which I think is one of the
most open license I could find in the github dropdown menu. Hopefully
this license won't have any incompatibility with Galaxy license which
seems very open also.

I would love to receive comments to help shape this tool. I'm very
open to any kind of suggestions. Also, if there is any worry the name
of the tool my cause any confusion on the source, please let me know
and I'll be happy to change it.

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