Hello all

Has anyone successfully integrated the phylib file type into Galaxy in 
their local install? It's a standard file type for multiple sequence 
alignment and I could not possibly be the only one who want to support 
it in a local install.

I saw the instructions on the wiki for adding new file types. I would 
guess that in addition to the changes in the datatypes_conf.xml I would 
have to derive a new class in galaxy.datatypes.sequence from the 
existing Alignment class.

Is there a commit where this is already included or will I actually have 
to code it myself? How can I find out?

Thanks a lot

PS.: hg tip
changeset:   10201:ebe87051fadf
tag:         tip
parent:      10199:8bf64d933704
user:        Dannon Baker <dannonba...@me.com>
date:        Tue Jul 02 10:48:31 2013 -0400
summary:     Fix two more downgrade invocations to accept the 
migrate_engine parameter

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