I'm enjoying a lot using Bioblend to develop CLI toolbox to interact
with Galaxy API. I recently hit an issue regarding how to deal with
inputs after running a workflow.

bioblend.galaxy.workflows.run_workflow()[1] has an argument
import_inputs_to_history. From the documentation:
"import_inputs_to_history (bool) – If True, used workflow inputs will
be imported into the history. If False, only workflow outputs will be
visible in the given history."

As far as I can tell this will add this key to the payload delivery to Galaxy:
payload['no_add_to_history'] = True

However this is the behavior I'm experiencing. When set to 'False'
inputs are still imported into the history, but instead of the usual
history serial id number they have ':', even worse they are imported
in duplicates. I was expecting no presence at all. When set to 'True'
they get the expected history serial number, but once again they are
imported in duplicates.

I'm not sure is this is a problem with Bioblend or Galaxy API. I also
was guessing this list might be a good as any place to discuss issues
with Bioblend.



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