HI Jennifer,

Thanks for the kind email reply. I think what you wrote "pull from central 
individual changesets as desired" should be the way that I like to try out.

The question is do you know the patch name for the nglims? Or I need to talk to 
the nglims developers as you mentioned in your email. I think I will start a 
new thread as you suggested.

Based on the search I did, the nglims should not be collide with the original 
sample tracking system. Nglims should be used by itself, I think.




From: Jennifer Jackson [mailto:j...@bx.psu.edu]
Sent: September-17-13 2:41 PM
To: Galaxy Dev
Cc: Peter Huang
Subject: which galaxy to use?

Hi Peter,

This is the correct list to post to (not owner, that is just for list 
subscription questions).

Galaxy-dist is the stable release repository. Galaxy-central is the active 
development repository. Depending on how risk-tolerant your project is, either 
is a choice. You can also start with a dist base and pull from central 
individual changesets as desired, if you want to manage it that way.

I'll let the developers comment about nglims. You may need to post that as a 
brand new question (new thread) with that in the subject line to get the best 
replies. Or you can start by searching with the keyword here (or 'sample 
tracking' and narrow down what you need to know:

These wiki's haven't been updated in a while, so I am not pointing you there 
first, but here they are for reference:


Galaxy team
On 9/17/13 11:10 AM, Peter Huang wrote:
Hi Galaxy,

I am trying to setup the production galaxy service at our place with Rocks 
Cluster and NGLIMS. I am confused as which one to use: galaxy-dist or 

My question is could I use galaxy-dist with nglims? I try to find how to do it, 
but couldn't.

Any suggestions?




Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

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