First, I wanted to thank you for making the datacache available 
rsync:// It's a great resource.

However, what is the best way to stay abreast of changes to what's in 
datacache, and understand how these indexes are computed?

We are currently upgrading to bowtie2, but I notice that the bowtie2 indices 
for mm9, which used to be in
have been removed, and only the hg19 genome has bowtie2 indices. Why only that 
one, and not the others?
Where are the scripts you use to make these indices, in case I want to create 
bowtie2 indices for other

So, how do I find out *why* they were removed? (Can I safely use the copy I 
have, or was there a problem with them?)

More generally, how do I understand the policies and logic behind the datacache 
indices, and be notified of changes, short of running my own periodic 

Finally, since I'm doing "reproducible research" is anything planned for 
systematically versioning genome indices, so I can easily tell what version of 
a system (ie, what BWA version) was used to create the index, and be sure that 
an index will not suddenly disappear.

Research Associate/CTSA-Informatics Team
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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