Thanks for the super-quick response. That should resolve things nicely.

We can hack the old wrapper back in, using a hard-coded path to the old 
We can pull your new wrapper, and install the new cuffdiff.

Then we should have backward and forward compatibility.
Shantanu suggests it might be a better world if we create a tool-shed 
repository for the cuffdiff 1.3-2.1 (wrapper 0.0.5) version, then install that.
Would that be a better path, or just add confusion?


From: Jeremy Goecks []
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2013 2:18 PM
To: Curtis Hendrickson (Campus)
Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] cuffdiff wrapper not synchronized with cuffdiff 

I know the general versioning problem is address through the tool-shed 
mechanism, but for the remaining core wrappers, can maintainersplease update 
wrapper version numbers when making changes?

Not bumping wrapper versions is an oversight, not deliberate.

For this wrapper set, how would you advise us to support both?

Fortunately, I refactored the Cuffdiff wrapper recently and correctly bumped 
the tool version:

You can either pull this changeset manually or wait until the next distribution 
in early October to get the changeset.

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