Hi Greg,

Yes, we have an older Mercurial installation (2.0.2 !) . We will try a newer 



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To: Lukasse, Pieter
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Subject: Re: problems with toolshed package update process

Hello Pieter,

The version of mercurial you are using is likely older than version 2.2.3.  See:


Can you check this?

Greg Von Kuster

On Sep 13, 2013, at 5:54 AM, "Lukasse, Pieter" 
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Hi Greg,

We have been trying out the update process as follows:

1-    Make changes to one of the files in the repository
2-    Commit and push changes to hg

After these two steps we expected to be able to update the tool in Galaxy. 
However this was not possible. We noticed that every time we pushed a new 
revision to the toolshed hg we had to use the option "Reset all repository 
metadata", i.e. the new revision would be seen as an update only after doing 
this reset. Is this the normal behaviour? I can imagine that in some cases the 
admin would like to review a new committed changeset before enabling it as an 
update...could it be this is a configuration we forgot to change somewhere?

Best regards,


Pieter Lukasse
Wageningen UR, Plant Research International
Departments of Bioscience and Bioinformatics
Wageningen Campus, Building 107, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB,
Wageningen, the Netherlands
+31-317480891; skype: pieter.lukasse.wur

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