On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 2:52 PM, Ulf Schaefer <ulf.schae...@phe.gov.uk> wrote:
> Dear Peter, dear John, dear all
> Thanks very much. This is exactly what I need and the code changes
> proposed work perfectly as they are. At a short glance even the
> validators work as intended.
> Now for the optional special bonus:
> Is there a way to define the size of the boxes? The ones I see have 4
> lines. Can I make them resizable somehow or define a larger size?
> (size="10" or resize="true" does not seem to do the trick.) Not a very
> pressing issue though.


According to the wiki, the "size" attribute is only used on "text" input,
but generalising it or adding something like "lines" would make sense
here - and also for "select" parameters.

It would be really nice if the user could resize the box if they wanted to -
when trying to do a multiple selection from a long file list being able to
seem just four entries at a time is painful. I used to have a Firefox
extension to do this to arbitrary controls - very handy.

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