Splitting off from this thread:

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Dave Bouvier <d...@bx.psu.edu> wrote:
> Peter,
> The platform detection code is not yet in the stable branch, but is intended
> to be included in the upcoming release. The automated testing framework does
> run the default branch, though, so the nightly tests will make use of the
> new definitions.
>    --Dave B.

Thank you for your reply Dave, but I hope there has been a
miscommunication here.

The "Test Tool Shed" is (as I understand it) effectively running
galaxy-central (presumably updated daily or something like that),
so it tests the latest and greatest Galaxy code-base and all the
new Tool Shed features like the new <action> enhancements for
tool dependency installation. That's fine as a live testbed for
Galaxy and the Tool Shed itself (although not always ideal for
us tool developers).

I had been under the impression that the main "Tool Shed" (and
the nightly tool tests run from it) was tracking the stable branch
on galaxy-dist and therefore equivalent to what most Galaxy
instances are running.

Are you saying that for both the main "Tool Shed" and the
"Test Tool Shed" you are using the galaxy-dist default branch
with the bleeding edge code to run the tests?

If so, this worries me as that means the main "Tool Shed" nightly
tests are not indicative of what would happen once the tools are
downloaded and installed to a galaxy-dist stable branch instance.

e.g. If I was to release a tool update using the latest <action>
work then I would expect it to work fine on the "Test Tool Shed",
but not to work on a Galaxy instance running the current stable
release. Therefore, I would hope/expect it to fail on the main
"Tool Shed" (due to using features not yet in the stable release).

(The <action> enhancement is just an example, this is a
general question.)

Could you clarify the situation please?


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