Consider the following sequence:

1. Goto

2. The README file explains this is for InterProScan 4, and has
a link to
for Bjoern's InterProScan 45 wrapper.

3. Click the link for InterProScan 5.

4. Notice the link opened within the frame, and you now have a
nested tool shed menu.

5. Click on the link to InterPro itself,

6. Notice the double nested frame remains, and now the InterPro
page is squeezed into the bottom left.


This isn't specific to these repositories, e.g.

1. Goto

2. The README file introduction refers to the tool being available
on the main tool shed,

"It is available from the Galaxy Tool Shed at: "

3. Click on that link

4. Observe a double nested tool shed interface, with the Test
Tool Shed at the top, and the Main Tool Shed nested within.


Suggested fix: All links within Tool Shed README files should be
modified to open full frame by adding target="_top" to them.

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