I have discovered the following weird Galaxy behaviour. If one sets

log_actions = True

in universe_wsgi.ini

and tries to display the Saved Histories, then the Saved histories don't show up.

The problem arises from ../lib/galaxy/web/framework/helpers/grids.py

line (around 230)

trans.log_action( trans.get_user(), unicode( "grid.view" ), context, params)

Until this line, the Query object 'query' has queried the DB and fetched the necessary data. Yet, in the file


in the function log_action


seems to flush everything, including the data fetched by the 'query' object in grids.py

Thus, the Saved Histories get "No Items" message.

Commenting out the line

log_actions = True

does the job, but ...

Any suggestions?

Best regards


Nikolay Vazov, PhD
Research Computing Centre - http://hpc.uio.no
USIT, University of Oslo
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