Hi Peter,

> <bjoern.gruen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Peter,
> >
> > I saw your are working again on the job splitting features. I may have a
> > features request:
> Well, not really working on it - just reporting a regression using it.

Ah ok :)

> > For some tools you have different file formats as input but only for one
> > or two of them the split and merge function are defined. If the filetype
> > is now one of these non splittable ones, Galaxy will crash. I think a
> > better way would be to default to non-split mode?
> I guess that isn't supported.
> > Does that make sense for you? Any pointer where to look? Its not urgent,
> > but it was on my todo list. Just remembered it, reading your mail.
> Yes, that makes perfect sense. Possibly here lib/galaxy/jobs/__init__.py
> it needs to look at the datatype to see that supports splitting:
>     def can_split( self ):
>     # Should the job handler split this job up?
>         return self.app.config.use_tasked_jobs and self.tool.parallelism
> We could/should take this discussion to galaxy-dev,

Sure, I thought it would be more easier, some missing "return" or
something. Will have a deeper look at it if I have some more time.

Trello card is here:


> Regards,
> Peter

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