Hi again,

Just to let anyone that comes across this message to know that the issue
turned out to be a problem with a specific version of the openafs client.

The server is running Debian Wheezy and openafs-client was 1.6.1. Using
the backported version 1.6.5 solved the issue.


Quoting Renato Alves on 18-10-2013 03:18:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm currently setting up galaxy to run on top of AFS using torque for
> handling jobs.
> Everything is setup according to wiki documentation but I'm having a
> weird filesystem corruption problem.
> The setup is the following:
> machine A: runs galaxy. Galaxy home folder is on AFS.
> machine B: runs torque server and shares Galaxy's home folder.
> When I launch a process via galaxy everything works as expected but the
> output file becomes corrupted with 4kb of leading zero bytes (file
> NC_010473.tabular). This corruption is reproducible at all times,
> regardless of file size. In the attached example, the original file is
> NC_010473.faa.
> If I restart the openafs client or flush the AFS file cache the
> corruption goes away. However, if I re-run the same script created by
> galaxy through torque the corruption doesn't happen. Hence it only
> happens if launched via Galaxy.
> I also tried both the DRMAA and the PBS modules but the corruption remained.
> Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?
> Thanks,
> Renato

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