As part of this card:

Sam has been completely redoing the UI for upload. Particularly with
the focus on multiple file upload and progress displays. However, it
will be a dedicated UI for upload not using standard tool forms, so I
think what you want can be accommodated well. Hopefully he can
elaborate (maybe that card should have some screenshots of the working

> 3) We then create several news tools, which would appear before
> "Advanced Upload Tool" in the "Get Data" section:
> "Upload file from your computer"
> "Import files from the web via URLs"
> "Import FTP uploaded files"
> "Paste file contents"

I think each of these could be tabs under a single upload tool.

> 4) To further streamline things, we could replace "Your history is
> empty. Click 'Get Data' on the left pane to start" in the empty
> history section with something with links: "Your history is empty. To
> get started, import data from [your computer], [web links], [your
> clipboard], [FTP], or by choosing an external data source from the
> 'Get Data' section in the left panel".

Hmmm... calling it "Upload or import data" might be clarifying.
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