Hi Greg,

I'm right now in implementing a setup_perl_environment and stumbled
about a tricky problem (that is not only related to perl but also for
ruby, python and R).

The Problem:
Lets assume a perl package (A) requires a xml parser written in C/C++
(Z) is a dependency that I can import but as far as I can see there is
no way to call set_environment_for_install before
setup_perl_environment, because setup_perl_environment defines an
installation type.

I would like to discuss that issue to get a few ideas. I can think about
these solutions:

- hackish solution:
I can call
install_environment.add_env_shell_file_paths( action_dict[ 
'env_shell_file_paths' ] ) inside of the setup_*_environment path and remove it 
from action type afterwards

- import all env.sh variables from every (package) definition.
Regardless if set_environment_for_install is set or not. 
I must admit, I do not understand why set_environment_for_install is
actually needed. I think we can assume that if I specify a 

    <package name="R_3_0_1" version="3.0.1">
        <repository name="package_r_3_0_1" owner="iuc"
prior_installation_required="True" />

I want the ENV vars sourced. 
Furthermore, that can solve an other issue: Namely, the need of ENV vars
from a package definition in the same file. Lets imagine package P has
dependency D and you want to download compile both in one
tool_dependencies.xml file.
You can either do it in one <package> definition or you need to split
them up in 2 tool_dependencies.xml files, rigth?
Maybe we can just assume a strict order in a tool_dependencies.xml file,
where every ENV vars are sourced for the following one? Does that make

Any other ideas?
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