Hi all,

There are two copies of the wiggle_to_simple tool in the main repository,
and this duplication appears to have happened back in 2009.

$ grep wiggle_to_simple tool_conf.xml.sample
    <tool file="filters/wiggle_to_simple.xml" />
    <tool file="stats/wiggle_to_simple.xml" />

$ diff tools/filters/wiggle_to_simple.py tools/stats/wiggle_to_simple.py
(no changes)

$ diff -w tools/filters/wiggle_to_simple.xml tools/stats/wiggle_to_simple.xml
<     <test>
<       <param name="input" value="3.wig" />
<       <output name="out_file1" file="3_wig.bed"/>
<     </test>

The tools/filters/wiggle_to_simple.xml version has Windows newlines,
and 2 tests.

The tools/stats/wiggle_to_simple.xml version has Unix newlines, but only 1 test.

I would therefore suggest merging the two (Unix newlines, both tests).

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