I am new to using proftpd/Galaxy on a local cluster I am having lots of issues. 
Here is one. I cannot connect to the proftpd server to upload files.

./proftpd --version

ProFTPD Version 1.3.4d

( so proftpd is compiled and running)

I am attempting to connect from an iMAC (OSX 10.9) to a LINUX machine where the 
proftp server is running

ftp 123.45.678.123

Connected to 123.45.678.123.

220 ProFTPD 1.3.4d Server (Public Galaxy FTP by ProFTPD server installation) 

Name (123.45.678.123:hazards): hazards

331 Password required for hazards

I enter a password and I get  “Abort trap 6” or “421 service not available, 
remote server closed connection” ( this latter reply from an older mac)

I presume that this means that the authentication failed.

Here are the last lines of my proftpd.conf file

# Do not authenticate against real (system) users

AuthPAM                         off

# Set up mod_sql_password - Galaxy passwords are stored as hex-encoded SHA1

SQLPasswordEngine               on

SQLPasswordEncoding             hex

# Set up mod_sql to authenticate against the Galaxy database

SQLEngine                       on

SQLBackend                      postgres

SQLConnectInfo         dbuser dbpassword

SQLAuthTypes                    SHA1

SQLAuthenticate                 users

# An empty directory in case chroot fails

SQLDefaultHomedir               /shared/app/ProFFTPd-1.3.4d/default

# Define a custom query for lookup that returns a passwd-like entry.  UID and 
GID should match your Galaxy user.

SQLUserInfo                     custom:/LookupGalaxyUser

SQLNamedQuery                   LookupGalaxyUser SELECT 
 FROM galaxy_user WHERE email='%U’"

I have a user named galaxy on the system and a Galaxy-user named galaxy defined 
within Galaxy and an owner of the postgresql database.

With respect to the following line, If my Galaxy postgresql database is called 
“galaxydb”,  are the dbuser and dbpassword to be the postgresql owner of the 
database? Or the system user named galaxy who has actually started the instance 
of galaxy with command.

SQLConnectInfo         galaxy Galaxy2013

With respect to this line

SQLNamedQuery                   LookupGalaxyUser SELECT 

What are the appropriate UID and GID to apply here?  I  have a system user 
“galaxy” who starts Galaxy with “”. This user’s UID and GID are 581 and 
582 respectively but I am not able to login for FTP transfer

If I use Chrome and paste " ftp://123.45.678.123”

I get “unable to load webpage because server sent no data “error code  

If I paste

"ftp://123.45.678.123/ /path/to/file"

And press execute in my local Galaxy GUI I get a "tool error” with no Std_Out 
and no Std_error

So I cannot use FTP via  ProFTPD 1.3.4d Server to upload files. How can I test 
postgresql authentication via Galaxy/proftpd to get at the problem?


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