On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 8:30 AM, John Chilton wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
>> ...
>> As noted in my last email, for some reason when running the test case,
>> the input FASTA file is being included on the command line TWICE.
>> Curiously the -hash_index argument has been omitted. Linked maybe?
> Peter,
> I have fixed the double listing of the FASTA file. Putting min=1 on a
> repeat statement would result in two repeat instances when using
> functional tests without this bug fix.
> https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/commits/5e534cc8da856ad598d63b8b9f03fe20629df05f

Thank you - such a little thing once you'd traced its cause.

> It is likely also the problem with your mira tests?

This should help for the MIRA4 tests too :)

> The hash_index
> missing was caused because to the param value you put in the test tag
> should be true or false, not the truevalue/falsevalue attributes as
> far as I can tell - those are used only by cheetah I guess. Adding the
> hash_index parameter creates and additional 5 files - including ones
> you listed in your test case.

I think I tried that too (true/false), but it was a while ago now. Hitting
multiple test framework issues at the same time made debugging
this hard.

> With these change, I was able to write working functional tests for
> your tool using the template you outlined in the Trello card. The .pin
> file doesn't match, I think there is something time-based in there so
> I had to set two lines of diff.

Yes, I agree the PIN file varies run to run, so the diff trick looks good.

> Also, since this e-mail, you now have
> two parameters named file, that doesn't go over well yet - so I
> renamed mask|file to mask|mask_file.

The makeblastdb wrapper on the main Tool Shed don't yet
have the masking file parameter, but does already on the
Test Tool Shed - so I'd prefer not to change this:

In principle the pipe-based fully specified parameter name
would work here too, to resolve the potential ambiguity?
(That is a separate Trello Card for handling potentially
ambiguous parameters in the test framework):

> ...
> These changes should work right out of central, does not utilize my
> API driven variant on github.
> I discovered no problems with auto_primary versus basic composite
> types here, just the things listed above.

Not for me though, even if I rename the masking "file" param to
avoid the ambiguous "file" parameters, commits here:
and continuing on this branch:

That gave:

$ ./run_functional_tests.sh -id ncbi_makeblastdb
galaxy.jobs.runners.local DEBUG 2013-11-18 11:25:38,449 execution
finished: export GALAXY_SLOTS="1"; makeblastdb -version &>
makeblastdb -out
-hash_index -in "
/tmp/tmpF81TF5/tmpghF4ik/database/files/000/dataset_1.dat " -title
"Just 4 human proteins" -dbtype prot
Composite file (blastdb.phr) of History item 2 different than
expected, difference (using diff):
Binary data detected, not displaying diff
FAILED (failures=1)

I find that changing the order of the <extra_files> tags in the test seems
to alter the failure - which supports my hunch that something is
scrambling the order of the extra files, so that it fails to compare the
generated blastdb.phr with the provided four_human_proteins.fasta.phd

e.g. Here it seems to compare to the (place holder) text I generate
when viewing a database in the Galaxy interface:

$ ./run_functional_tests.sh -id ncbi_makeblastdb
galaxy.jobs.runners.local DEBUG 2013-11-18 12:23:24,812 execution
finished: export GALAXY_SLOTS="1"; python
Composite file (blastdb.phd) of History item 2 different than
expected, difference (using diff):
--- local_file
+++ history_data
@@ -1,4 +1,1 @@
+This is a BLAST protein database.
FAILED (failures=1)

If it works for you then perhaps the filesystem is a factor, e.g.
os.listdir(...) order?
I have had an initial look at the code in test/base/twilltestcase.py but haven't
spotted a problem yet.

Thank you John,

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