Dear all,

Today I installed the SSL module for our local Galaxy instance and the 
"https://"; link is working fine. I added this
"<Location "/">

    RequestHeader set X-URL-SCHEME https

in our Apache configuration file as instructed in this webpage:

Here are my problems with SSL:
1. Some build in links like "UCSC 
 table browser" and "UCSC 
 table browser" become invalid. If I click on them, nothing will happen, as if 
they are blocked.
2. The old "http" link still works, which I think shouldn't because I added the 
"RequestHeader ... https" line in Apache configuration. I really want to 
disable the http link because the new users could be easily led to the old one.

Both httpd and Galaxy have been restarted after the changes are made. Since I 
didn't find any similar threads in the mailist, I hope someone here can help me 
out with this.

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