I'm doing a 1 step generic reporting tool along the lines of the "BLAST XML to 
tabular" script by Peter.  I was just about to ask about this line, which 
looked pretty much like a bug: 

        sallseqid = ";".join(name.split(None,1)[0] for name in hit_def.split(" 

Then I found the patch from Nov 7th 2013:


                sallseqid = ";".join(name.split(None,1)[0] for name in 
hit_def.split(" >"))
        except IndexError as e:
                stop_err("Problem splitting multuple hits?\n%r\n--> %s" % 
(hit_def, e))

Yay!  But what I've seen in recent XML output reports is that the ">" content 
has been changed to ">" .  E.g. 


                <Hit_def>Drosophila grimshawi miR-7-RA (Dgri\mir-7), ncRNA 
&gt;gi|195336156|ref|XR_048470.1| Drosophila sechellia miR-7-RA (Dsec\mir-7), 
ncRNA &gt;gi|195585143|ref|XR_050309.1| Drosophila simulans miR-7-RA 
(Dsim\mir-7), ncRNA</Hit_def>

So perhaps a stop_err() could be avoided, if test is for "&gt;" instead?  I 
assume that no variants of python ElementTree.iterparse() will unescape content 
when returned via the iterator?

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