Hello all,

I would like to modify the default ZIP bundle behaviour
for composite datatypes, which currently insists on
creating an HTML "main" file. To do this I think the current
monolithic _archive_composite_dataset function needs
to be refactored in file lib/galaxy/datatypes/data.py

I would like to move the section which currently names
and populates the HTML index file into a sub-method,
i.e. this chunk:

                path = data.file_name
                fname = os.path.split(path)[-1]
                efp = data.extra_files_path
                htmlname = os.path.splitext(outfname)[0]
                if not htmlname.endswith(ext):
                    htmlname = '%s_%s' % (htmlname,ext)
                archname = '%s.html' % htmlname # fake the real nature
of the html file
                except IOError:
                    error = True
                    log.exception( "Unable to add composite parent %s
to temporary library download archive" % data.file_name)
                    msg = "Unable to create archive for download,
please report this error"

Then by overriding this new method a subclass (custom
composite datatype) could for example set the filename
used inside the archive to be "index.html" or "index.htm"
or anything else like "README.txt" (doesn't have to be
HTML); alter the contents of the index file; or even not
include an index file in the archive.

Would a pull request to do this be considered?


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