Hi everyone,

in my job_conf.xml I defined the following limit

<limit type="output_size">536870912000</limit>

Galaxy seems to correctly identify the number as 500 GB, since I got the error:

"Job output file grew too large (greater than 500.0 GB), please try different 
inputs or parameters"

The problem is that the output file of the job is just a few GB (verified by 
rerunning the command manually). So Galaxy is wrongly stopping the job after 
just a few seconds, although the actual output size was fine. I disabled the 
limit for now, but I really want it in place. I just put it because I had a 
user generating output files of over 4 TB that filled up our storage (quotas 
only catch them when they are finished, but the user had two concurrent jobs 
running, both creating such huge files).

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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