On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 5:49 AM, Bjoern Gruening

> The new discs will be type="distributed" id="primary" and the old disc
> will become type="disk" id="secondary". If I understood correctly the
> old disc is them in some read-only state and will not touched until the
> primary discs are full or not working ...

Correct -- the default HierarchicalObjectStore always writes new files to
the first ObjectStore but can read through to any of them.  Probably worth
noting that, with this base implementation (that could easily be extended
to do whatever you'd prefer), when the first objectstore gets full it still
won't attempt to write to the second.

> Is it save to mount the old discs or all discs with noatime, to get a
> small performance gain? Is Galaxy using noatime?

I do believe we're using it, but Nate would be better able to comment on
the actual performance gain we see.
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