Hey guys,

we have a problem in our local galaxy instance (10392:1ae95b3aa98d 
release_2013.08.12) using bcftools (Version: 0.1.19-44428cd) from the tool shed 
to convert our bcf files into vcf.
With bcf files less than ~ 3 GB everything works fine, but above that (we have 
a 13gb bcf file), the job gets stuck and is not terminating, neither successful 
nor with an error.
Can somebody confirm this behavior?

Piping the Mpileup output directly into the bcftools using

> Samtools mpileup -Duf "REFERENZ" "BAM_FILES" | bcftools view -cvg - > OUTPUT

at the command line works fine.

Trying to integrate this into the Mpileup wrapper failed so far.

Can somebody give us a hint how to solve this problem?

thanks in advance,



Thomas Berner

Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
- Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants - Erwin Baur-Straße 27
06484 Quedlinburg
- Germany -

Phone: ++49  ( 0 ) 3946  47  562
EMail: thomas.ber...@jki.bund.de<mailto:thomas.ber...@jki.bund.de>

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