You've been extremely helpful, I appreciate it.

So we went ahead and decided that we need this feature. We're planning to
have a lot of people running huge pipelines, ones that work best on one
node, and there's no reason to do all this writing to any shared file
system when it works best on one node using /tmp/ for intermediate step
data. So I've been working on that.

So far I've made the checkbox for using one node (in run.mako). In I catch this and set a new variable in each step of the
workflow called use_one_node, if checkbox is checked.

Now I'm trying to find where jobs are run, so that I can put the logic in
for getting a node to run on, and setting that as a variable on each step.
Could you point me in the direction of the files/classes associated with
running the history's jobs, and getting nodes (or sending jobs to condor?)?

Thanks, and I'll be sure to push this upstream after it's done if you'd
like it. Maybe as something you can turn on from the universal_wsgi.
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