Ok, just answering my own question ;) I found a solution, here it goes (also 

import logging
log = logging.getLogger( __name__ )

def restrict_prims_metabolomics( context, tool ):
    This tool filter will hide MsClust for non-metabolomics users. This can be
    enabled by adding the following to the
     ``app:main`` section of ``universe_wsgi.ini``::

        tool_filters = primsfilters:restrict_prims_metabolomics
    # for debugging: import pydevd;pydevd.settrace("L0136815.wurnet.nl")
    user = context.trans.user
    metabolomics_tools = [ "MsClust", "textutil", "filter" ]
    if tool.name in metabolomics_tools:
        # logging.warn( 'FILTER MATCHED: %s' %(tool.name))

        for user_role in user.roles:
            if user_role.role.name == "PRIMS_METABOLOMICS":
                return True
        # not found to have the role, return false:
        return False
        # return true for any other tool
        return True

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I would like specify a filter based on a role. Does someone know how to do 
this? I already have an example on how to do this based on user id (found at 
but now I would like to filter out menu items in case users don't have a 
specific role.

Thanks and regards,

Pieter Lukasse
Wageningen UR, Plant Research International
Departments of Bioscience and Bioinformatics
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Wageningen, the Netherlands
+31-317481122; skype: pieter.lukasse.wur

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