Hi Eric,

> I figured this was as good of a time as any...
> I moved the AD/LDAP/External authentication out of the Apache Proxy page
> (who would think to look there?) and into its own page. I added my
> organisation's information on mod_auth_kerb while I was at it.
> That seemed like a reasonable place to put this sort of information. I've
> also reduced the solution to just the necessary portions, but it would need
> to be tested by someone.
> https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/ExternalUserDatbases#Logging_out_Basic_Auth.27d_Users
> Thanks for updating the admin wiki pages.  The admin wiki pages are
sprawling and any efforts to keep them current and well organized are *dearly

>  I suggest we re-link the community log page to that subsection as it has
> more related information, if that is amenable to everyone.

I've updated
https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Community/Log/2014/LDAPRemoteUserLogout and
added links to the two wiki pages. I left the content on the log page,
although I'm not at all certain that is wise:

The log pages are meant to be a quick and easy way to document stuff and
make it easy to find.  I think that leaving this log page (mostly) as it
was will encourage contribution more than stripping it.  Most people are
not going to be willing to locate the right pages in the wiki for all their
content.  However, I'm hoping that if they can just drop content into one,
time-stamped, no-commitment-to-keep-it-current, place then they will be way
more likely to contribute.

That's my theory anyway.  So far, my theory hasn't particularly panned out,
but the log board is still less than 2 months old.

Thanks again,

Dave C

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