Dear Galaxians,
I am behind a proxy with authentication, and I think I will contribute a
wiki page on how to install and configure galaxy for saving other people's

In this mail however I would like to propose a change in the

The problem I had was that not all tool "wrappers" could be installed using
the web interface since I was always getting an error "host not found"
generated by the call

>From that error message (found in paster.log) it was clear that the problem
was due to the fact I am behind a firewall with authentication, and the
http_proxy variable in the was not sufficient.

I then modified lib/tool_shed/util/ following the
instructions that I have found in

and then now finally it works.

Hereafter is what I've modified and it is certainly NOT the appropriate way
of doing it from a proper IT point of view (since is not good practice to
encode passwords in a source code). Furthermore, with the next mercurial
update my code changes will disappear ...  I really hope that therefore
someone of your smart people could modify the codebase accordingly, perhaps
reusing the http_proxy ... proxy_user and proxy_password system variables


def tool_shed_get( app, tool_shed_url, uri ):
    """Make contact with the tool shed via the uri provided."""
    registry = app.tool_shed_registry
    password_mgr = urllib2.HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm()
    urlopener = urllib2.build_opener(proxy_handler,proxy_auth_handler)
#    urlopener = urllib2.build_opener()
#    password_mgr = registry.password_manager_for_url( tool_shed_url )
#    if password_mgr is not None:
#        auth_handler = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler( password_mgr )
#        urlopener.add_handler( auth_handler )
    response = uri )
    content =
    return content
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